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Consistency, the untold story

You know something things are easier said than done! Consistency in distributed systems is one such unicorn everyone's after. Most claim to have seen it but in reality their version of unicorn doesn't look like what the majority believes a unicorn must look like. Less than a year ago I started working on Sidewinder, my version of a fast and scalable time series database. While there is a lot to talk about learnings from my work on Sidewinder, let's keep that for another day in the future. Preface So back to our talk on consistency. What I want to shine light in this blog are the practical implemenational considerations for distributed consistency, so we won't be discussing linearizability or serializability in detail. There's a great blog / book that goes in the details of various aspects of this In this blog I am going to use the example of Sidewinder and compare that to consistency challenges and solutions used